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How to Customize WooCommerce Shop Page - The Easiest Ways Explained
How to Customize WooCommerce Shop Page - The Easiest Ways Explained

11 August 2021

All the WooCommerce users are well aware of the fact that how beneficial it would be if they are allowed or able to manage the WooCommerce Shop Page. But they are also aware that WooCommerce's default Shop Page is preset and most of the time you don't have any control over its appearance. So now the major question that arises here is that how can we customize WooCommerce Shop Page and make it look as per your needs? So the answer lies in this article so go through it and try out all the different methods described over here.

What is the WooCommerce Shop Page?

WooCommerce Shop Page is the most crucial as well as essential space in the site which is used as a placeholder that shows up all the current items that are available for sale. It is not compulsory that Shop Page also appears in the same way as the other pages on your site do because there are separate settings to manage it.

The products which are shown on the shop page are generally shown in grid layouts. But still, the page's appearance depends upon the theme that you select as your default theme.

The data which are generally featured in the grid layout about your product are its image, price, name of the product, ratings given by the customer. Along with this information, you will also find a short description of the product on the same page. The things that might be missing here will be the quantity or the variations of the product.

There are various variations that you'll find in the WooCommerce Shop pages. You can either choose the one with full width or the one with the sidebar that allows you to add some of the filter widgets for which you can choose the best product filter plugins and customize it as per your requirements.

Customization can make your Shop page look more informative and effective but for certain products but there are still some products that will look great even without customization. But still customizing will make your Shop page look better so we can help you to customize the shop page using various methods.

Methods to Customize WooCommerce Shop Page

Although you won't find any direct customization options still there are many ways to customize the default WooCommerce Shop Page. You can make limitless changes and as much as you want to the Shop Page like you can add several new things such as add or remove the sidebars, edit the default layout, show the exclusive offers, add custom fields, create custom sidebars, or any other edits to the Shop Page.

The basic thing that you need to consider before making any kinds of changes is that the grid or layout that you select for the Shop page must be appropriate for the products you're selling.

Make your Shop page enough effective to encourage the new as well as old customers to scroll down for products variety. Also, make your page user-friendly to use so that they can find the items that they are looking for quickly. The purchasing process should be friendly and easy with maximum payment options available for the convenience of the customers. You can also make use of table layout for the filter choices so that the merchants or the whole seller get the proper items in bulk and would also help the merchants selling customizable items. This will be also beneficial for the products with several specifications and brands creating the same products.

So now let us go through all the possible methods to customize your Shop page of WooCommerce.

1. Using the Page Builder

Image Source: kasa Reviews

The very first method that is always suggested to customize the WooCommerce Shop page is by using the page builder. Using the page builder you can alter or change the number of items displayed, design, layout, types of products, etc. without changing the theme files or even without writing any lengthy codes.

Some of the best page builders that we would like to recommend you to edit your WooCommerce Shop page are Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, Elementor, etc. The page builder recommended here are available both in the free and premium form. There are several such page builders in the market among which these are the most used. The most substantial thing about these page builders is that you don't have to touch even a single line of codes.

In this case, if you are using some particular themes such as Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, etc. then you don't have to look for the page builder since these themes already have an integrated option for customizing WooCommerce pages.

2. Using the Plugin

You can also customize the default Shop page of your WooCommerce site using some specific plugins. Here we'll talk about such plugins which are not any kinds of page builders but will help you to edit WooCommerce pages:

a. StoreCustomizer

StoreCustomizer is one of the best plugins for creating live changes to your WooCommerce store which you can watch as you make the changes to the store. You can get this plugin both for free as well as paid with some advanced features.

If you want to create your unique WooCommerce catalog by hiding the price of the product or even if you want to remove the purchase or add to cart features from your store, you can do it with the help of this plugin. This function will be available in catalog mode.


Image Source: kasaReviews

With the help of the catalog mode settings, you can either set it for a particular product or all the products. You can also apply these settings for the users who haven't logged in to your site. This will help more customers to get added to your site since it will ask the users first to create an account to purchase any items.

This plugin also helps you to activate the product quick view to help the users find the product faster. In this way, the customers will preview the items that they're interested in and add them to the cart.

You can also add a brief image gallery in the shop page so that the users can view a brief image gallery pop-up of the items on the WooCommerce Shop page. After looking at the image gallery when they decide to buy the particular product they can easily add them to the cart from there itself.

You can also add the pop-up windows that can be appeared on your category and product pages. You can customize the image gallery and product quick view through the additional settings in the design and layout of your WooCommerce site.

It also features a very unique customizing option which is the Ajax search that helps the customers to get the product they are looking for in the minimum time possible. In this, the user just has to use a short code and the feature will display the Ajax product search. This plugin can also adjust the feature's settings in such a way that an assortment of the predicted WooCommerce items will be displayed in the Ajax search box.

So in this way, there are many more features in this plugin that will be way far beneficial for customizing your WooCommerce Shop Page.

b. Storefront Blocks

Storefront Blocks is one of the most efficient plugins that can be integrated without having to enter any code and is capable of overriding the existing default WooCommerce Shop page layout and design.

Altogether you can find 8 premium blocks of WooCommerce Storefront.

Some of the available options of these blicks are Square Grid Block, Product Slider Block, Product Table Block, Masonry Product Block, Product Category Block, etc.

The category pages which are created by WooCommerce are dynamic and aren't much different from the other pages. All the pages in your store generally have the same layouts and designs so you can't even change their appearance. But by using the Storefront Blocks you can create customized category pages for your store. You can even change the way each of the category pages looks which will help you to increase your sale.

Image Source: kasaReviews

Storefront Blocks also helps you to generate more effective content that will be more relevant to the particular items which you are particularly selling. So in this way, it'll be also helping you to improve your SEO ranking. Generally, the theme that you use automatically generates the item found on the site's home page but the Storefront Blocks help you to redesign your home page and control the content. This will help you to make a more organized home page by properly arranging the products into different sections such as existing sections, brand new sections, categories, or the products.

The blocks in the Storefront allow you to change grid-column and rows, gaps of the grids, colors, fonts, and many more. These blocks can be reused and transformed to full width.

c. WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks is another substantial plugin that can be used to easily customize WooCommerce Shop Page. With the help of this plugin, you can easily show up the product that you want to sell. You can also show you products by placing category and tags. You can also separate the product into different categories such as featured, handpicked, and best sellers.

This plugin also provides you a Blocks for the latest edition so that you can show up the latest products in a particular section. This will be highly beneficial for the merchants selling plenty of products whereby the customer has to make a selection.

3. Manual Customization

If you do not like to go for a page builder or any kind of plugin then you can still customize your WooCommerce Shop Page manually. This will be the best method for you in case you don't want to use any kind of third-party plugin. Forgoing through this method you don't need to know to code but still, you should know some basics of coding. Now we will go through each of the steps of customizing your WooCommerce Shop Page manually:

I. Generate a child theme

If you haven't created a child theme for your store, first of all, you need to create one. While creating a child theme, you might also have to edit and update your main theme so don't worry about losing the changes when you get an update just make sure that you have saved those edits previously.

A child theme can be created using several methods, either you can do it manually or you can do it with the help of a plugin such as Child Theme Wizard or Configurator. But you don't have to go for the plugin always since you get plenty of child themes whenever you purchase the theme or in the case you don't get any, you can ask the developer for the one.

II. Make a folder structure in the child theme

After creating a child theme, you need to go to the /wp-content/themes/your-theme-name using cPanel File Manager or FTP like FileZilla. This cPanel client can be used to alter the files of the website. Now it's the turn to name your child themes such as if your child theme is created for a twenty-twenty theme then you can name it as twentytwenty-child-theme or something similar to it.

After naming the child theme you need to go /wp-content/themes/your-theme-name and create a folder called WooCommerce. After that, create a file called archive-product.php in that folder, which is the shop page template file. These were the steps to create a WooCommerce Shop page which is empty till now. Next, you need to add content to this empty page.

III. Add some content to the WooCommerce Shop Page

To add content to your Shop page you can type anything into the archive-product.php text editor which will appear to the visitors in your store. If you know to code them you can opt to add coding but in the case, you don't need to code then you can move to the next step.

IV. Make a template for the Shop Page

To make a template for the Shop page, you can use an existing template and customize it instead of using one from the scratch. Make sure to consider the parent theme and find an index.php file or the single.php file.

Once you have found any of these two files simply copy the file and paste it to the WooCommerce folder that you have previously created. In the case both types of files are available then you can go for the single.php file.

The file which you just have pasted to the WooCommerce folder has to be named as an archive-product.php file so you need to delete the existing file named as an archive-product.php file. After deleting the previous file with the same name, change the name of the file (index.php or single.php) you just pasted to archive-product.php.

The file which you have just pasted and renamed will be used as your store page. This page will disguise similar to one of your product pages. Further, you can use more shortcodes to customize the page so that it would appear as the proper store page.

V. Use the shortcodes to customize the shop Page

The first step of customizing your Shop page is by separating your products into the number of rows and columns you wish to put. For example, if you wish to create only two columns with 4 products per column then the shortcode that you need to enter will be:

[products limit=”4″ columns=”2″]

There might be several owners who may be confused with these codes like where need to enter it, then you simply have to follow the steps mentioned below:

      Open the archive-product.php file.

      Clear all the text that are mentioned between and (Make sure you don't erase these two lines of codes but just the matter written between them)

      You need to add new codes in the place left after removing the codes in the previous step.

      The code that you need to add in the previous step is

Once you are done with the steps given above, you need to save your changes. After this step, you are all set up with your new WooCommerce Shop page customized by you. To the above-mentioned codes, you can also add some extra codes and do some experiments with several shortcodes so that you finally get the look which you always wanted your Shop page to be like.

Concluding Thoughts

The most substantial page of your WooCommerce store is your Shop Page. This is the page that will people visit to know more about your products.This is why this page has to be informative and enough interactive to drive the attention of the visitors into it.

The design and the layouts that you choose for the Shop Page must be attractive and easy for the visitors to use. The Shop pages of WooCommerce are pre-designed with no built-in resources to change the look of the WooCommerce Shop Page. Although the default Shop pages have plenty of features and options for the store owners still they won't be the best solution for every online store.

This is why enhancing the layouts and the design of your Shop page is a compulsion to increase the sale and to grow customers and this is the major reason you must know these amazing steps and methods to easily customize WooCommerce Shop Page.

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